Cookie Policy

When you visit our website, Symcode Oy may collect information related to the use of the services, usage volumes and other statistics, and process and analyze such information. In order to monitor the use of the content of the services and to facilitate and speed up their use, Symcode can use the so-called cookies. A cookie is a short text file that a web server stores on a user’s hard drive. In this way, we collect information about how and when the services are used to further develop them to be more user-friendly. The information collected through cookies cannot be used to identify individual users. We require that you accept the use of cookies in order to use Symcode’s online services.


The purpose of using Symcode cookies is to analyze and develop services. Cookies can also be used e.g. For tracking visitor to Symcode websites and measuring the effectiveness of advertising. We use analytics programs to process cookies and do not collect any personal information about you. With the help of cookies, we monitor e.g. how long it takes for pages to load and what information visitors are looking for, as well as locating parts of the site that may not be working as they should. Symcode may also use the information we collect about the use of our websites to generate advertising or content that is targeted to your browser. Symcode can create audiences based on which websites certain browsers have visited. For these audiences, Symcode may display advertising or content that is likely to be of interest to them.

At we use the Google Analytics web analytics system.

Analytical cookies allow us to:

  • Get statistics about visits to your website: number of users, usage of different pages, time spent on different pages, and how users browse
  • Improve your website by providing customized content and customized information


Please note that refusing cookies may, in certain cases, result in technical restrictions on the operation of our website.

To create a new cookie profile or block cookies:
By clearing cookies from the browser at regular intervals, the user changes the identifier, based on which the user forms a profile based on the identified behavior. However, this does not completely stop data collection or the targeting of digital advertising, for example, but rather resets targeting based on historical behavioral data. It is also possible to prevent the collection of data using cookies via browser settings.

Use of cookie tags used on the Symcode website:
The user can configure settings for the use of cookie tags used on the website, such as revoking his or her consent to target advertising, through the Symcode consent query and settings. You can access the settings by clicking on “cookie settings” on the websites. The settings are browser-specific.

The help menu in most browsers tells you how to prevent your browser from accepting new cookies, how to get your browser to notify you when a new cookie is received, or how to block cookies once and for all. Additionally, you can disable or destroy similar information that can be accessed by browser add-ons by changing the add-on’s settings or by visiting the manufacturer’s website.